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Among our clients, we count commercial companies, and various institutions and non-profit organizations, which are active in a wide range of activities both home and abroad. Whatever their size, we guarantee a high level of service quality to all our customers. In particular, we build on our personal approach to clients and the professional qualities of our team, whose leaders can boast with more than twenty years of experience in the industry. Our perfect overview of both the practical and legal aspects of economic administrative management is matter of course.

20 years of experience

It goes without saying that we have a perfect overview of both the practical aspects and the legislative framework of the economic administration of legal and natural persons. We will be happy to provide you with specific references upon request in a business proposal for the provision of our services.

25 years of experience 

  • Transportation 

  • Tourism

  • Design and art activities

  • Financial services

  • E-Business

  • Human Resources

  • Hotels and restaurants

  • IT & digital technologies

  • Investment and advisory services

  • Marketing and advertisement

  • International trade and logistics

  • Retail sales

  • Rental cars and construction machinery

  • Leasing and property management

  • Polygraphy

  • Stables operation and horses breeding

  • Construction

  • Cleaning services

  • Wholesale

  • Furniture production

  • Adult education

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