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We can help you with the processing and submission of Intrastat returns in both the receipt and dispatch directions, including negative, additional and corrective returns. Classification of goods for customs purposes (classification of goods under TARIC tariff lines). Application of VAT from abroad.

Our services within the external management
of the Intrastat agenda


Processing and submission of Intrastat reports in the directions of receipt and dispatch,


Classification of goods for customs purposes (classification of goods under a TARIC tariff heading)

Application of VAT
from abroad

When delivering goods or receiving services from abroad


TAX & Accounting advisory

As part of your business, you buy goods or services abroad and invoices include foreign VAT

  • creation of effective system for mutual transfer of documents and data

  • retrospective checks and approval of data within reported month

  • generation of Intrastat declaration according to the requirements of Customs Codex

  • reports and outputs according to the parameters of submission of processed and sent reports

  • submission of declarations to the competent customs office

  • electronic data transmission to the customs office

  • written monthly report on the extent of submitted reports for a particular month

  • contractual assumption of responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of reporting

  • liability for financial damage, that would result from assessment of penalties and fines

  • contractual confidentiality 

  • personal assistance services in case of subsequent control by the customs office

What is Intrastat?

Intrastat is a data collection system for statistics on trade in goods between the Member States of the European Union. It applies to you if you are a VAT payer or belong to a group of other persons who are identified for VAT under the VAT Act and you reach the so-called reporting threshold when you receive or dispatch goods. For both directions, the threshold is set at CZK 12 million. The threshold is always calculated from the beginning of the calendar year (or from the date of assignment of the VAT number), separately for goods dispatched and goods received.

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