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Taxes & tax returns

Preparation and processing of tax returns (regular, partial, corrective, supplementary) for domestic and foreign legal and natural persons (including registration for the relevant taxes) in accordance with applicable legal norms and regulations, including mandatory withholding and other taxes in the context of the employer's payroll and personnel agenda. We also provide registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) for legal entities, including the preparation of all documents proving the economic activity of the entity, in accordance with Section 92a of the Value Added Tax Act.


Tax advisory

Complete service in the field of tax advisory and consultation regarding tax management, cost reduction, taxation of services across European Union and to countries of third world.

  • comprehensive accounting and tax services

  • tax obligations in accordance with national, community and international law

  • tax relief and discount program

  • effective accounting methodology

  • processing of accounting practices

  • Audit services (when required or as fulfillment of statutory rules)

  • preparation of documents for financial controls

  • representation before authorities

  • postponement of tax report submission by 30th of June

  • in case of complex accounting procedures, we provide professional consultations with more tax advisers or auditors

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